Points of interest are areas within the game that are unlikely to be changed or affected by NPC or player activities.




Amici is the homeworld of the Transitional Government, founded about 2,000 years ago. It forms their main base of operations and serves as a hub of civilization with every basic trading structure and access to the ships exclusive to the Transitional Government in the shipwright above the planet.


Battista Donati

Located a staggering 100,000 light years from Amici, Battista Donati serves as the Transitional Government's main base of operations in the outer reaches of the galaxy, serving as a hub of civilization and safe harbour for anyone in the area. It is protected by two fortified sectors around it, Battista Donati Hold and Battista Donati Guard.


Defence Boundaries

Mainly established in the areas between New Earth and Amici, these sectors are treated as high security defensive installations maintained by the Transitional Government. As such, unauthorized ships not belonging to the TransGov fleet are not tolerated in the sector, being warned to leave or, should the pilot in question refuse to leave of their own accord, being removed forcefully.

Spatial fortress


Echelon is a tropical planet under the jurisdiction of the Transitional Government and is home to the Tethered Station, a unique structure that can only be docked by members of the High Echelon, a highly exclusive society with strict membership requirements.




Descendants Military Bases

Descendants Military Bases (easily recognised by their acronym "DMB") are scattered all throughout the galaxy and are highly fortified sectors that count as no-fly areas. Upon entering these sectors, the local Descendants garrison will warn off any unauthorized ships and, if necessary, open fire to uphold their laws. These can be found in any kind of sectors, ranging from asteroid fields to wormholes.

Spatial fortress

New Earth

New Earth is the highly defended homeworld of the Descendants. Similarly to Amici, it was colonized roughly 2,000 years ago and serves as the main base of operations for the Descendants. It also offers access to every basic structure type for commerce as well as easy to locate access to the ships only available in Descendants shipwrights.


New Neptune

This planet, largely covered in water, is used by the Descendants as an additional base of operations in the regions closer to the Sol system. After it was claimed, the Descendants were able to establish an important outpost here as well as a secure place of operations near the edge of this region of space to fall back on should either faction decide to escalate tensions between Amici and New Earth, being protected by the nearby military base DMB Kangto.



Ruhla is a largely unknown, water covered planet that is claimed and used by the Descendants as a hidden trade station. It is located in an unknown area of space, close to recent Civilian Guild and Transgov efforts to colonise further into deep space. It was annexed from the Independent Colony Federation after a destructive show of might from Descendant Forces. It is used by both the Descendants as well as the Civilian Guild, and it is suspected that Ruhla is a hot spot for black market slave and weapons trade.


Civilian Guild


Anderson Colony

Anderson Colony is one of two planets settled by the Civilian Guild in the area surrounding Battista Donati. Featuring a colony, this uninviting desert world serves as one of the initial footholds of civilization in the new area.


Barbosa Colony

Located roughly 1,000 light years from Kodia Colony, this tropical planet serves as an advanced outpost of the Civilian Guild to transport both goods and colonists towards the outer regions of known space. It is also used as a base for several long range space exploration missions.


Bishop Colony

This inhospitable ice planet serves as one of the outposts of the Civilian Guild in the Battista Donati area claimed by the Transitional Government.

Ice planet

Kodia Colony

Located on a planet with luminescent lakes, Kodia Colony, named after its founder Bill Kodia, forms the main base of operations for the Civilian Guild and was the first major settlement outside of Amici. Despite being the Civilian Guild's headquarters, it doesn't feature any structures for public commerce, the planet's focus lying more on maintaining the massive colony located on it.



Flash Point is a neutral point of interest and marks where a thirty-nine day skirmish broke out between TransGov and Descendants despite them not officially being at war.

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