Ship perks provide additional functionality on innate abilities to ships, nearly all ships have a perk often including ships that have been crafted with the Shipwright master skill, the full list of possible ship perks follow.

Perk Name Perk Description
Upgrade Structures Allows the ship to spend credits to coordinate the upgrade of a structure. Upgraded structures will improve based on their category, defence structures will gain more defence points, storage structures will gain more hold space and attacking structures will gain more powerful cards. Other structures will receive small improvements across the board.
Engineering Allows the ship to deconstruct wreckages and other debris to recover commodities or parts with the right master skills. This perk also allows the ship to dismantle faction owned structures recovering some of the commodities used to build it and repair them as well as a hostile minefield. Finally, ships with the engineering perk can store the energy commodity without it discharging.
Engine Overload Allows the captain to overload the engines to travel further at the expense of damaging them.
Light Drive Cascade Allows the captain to perform a light drive cascade, discharging all light drives of ships in the same sector - including its own.
Scan Pulse Allows the ship to perform a scan pulse, discovering three sectors either side of the current location.
Lucrative Mining Lucrative Mining gives a higher chance of discovering exotic materials when selling commodities that have been mined.
Cloak Reveal Allows the ship to perform a special scan that will reveal any cloaked ships in the same sector.
Integral Cloak Allows the ship to cloak without needing a cloaking module. To cloak, simply type 'cloak' in the main menu, to decloak simply type 'decloak' in the main menu.
Damage Dealer Increases the damage of all ports added to the ship.
Integral Stabilisation Allows the ship to stabilise wormholes or create black holes using a special space-time beam. The captain can also choose to convert an unstable wormhole into a black hole.
Escape System Allows the ship to escape from combat regardless of its light drive charge.
Integral Mining Beams Mining Beams have been integrated into this ship improving mining yields and freeing up port space.
Integral Hacking Module Provides the ship with hacking benefits normally only received with a hacking module but is undetectable by scans.
Passive Scan Allows scanning of ships without the target being notified.
Integral Repair Droids Repair droids that are replicated onboard so that hull damage can be self-repaired quickly outside of battle.
Missile Master All missiles equipped deal 25% more damage.
Cannon Master All cannons equipped deal 25% more damage.
Cyber-Warfare Allows the ship to play the cyber-warfare card in combat, disabling an enemy ship for one turn.
Platform Disable Platform Disable
Integral Artillery Artillery built into the ship that does not count towards port space.
Integral Hydroponics A hydroponics bay built into the ship that doesn't use port space.
Integral Energy Transfer Integral energy transfer that provides restoration of friendly shields in battle.
TransGov Favour While using the ship, karma with TransGov will neutralise faster and TransGov ships will treat you as a commander.
Mass Quarters The ship features mass quarters for transporting colonists and other personnel.
Arc Royal An integral Arc Royal emitter than can deliver arc damage as the ships special.
Marksman All weapons equipped have a higher chance of critical hit.
Terraformer The ship can create seeds and use these to terraform planets.
Energy Transfer Passively uses shield energy to fast charge friendly faction ship light drives in the same sector.
Arc Immunity Has a passive immunity to arc damage stacking.
Arc and Bio Immunity Has a passive immunity to arc and biogenic damage stacking.
Shock Immunity Has a passive immunity to shock damage.
Torpedo Master All torpedos equipped deal 25% more damage.
Turret Master All turrets equipped deal 25% more damage.