Factions are one of the most important entities in TextSpaced and the game consists of player-controlled factions and non-player controlled factions. Players cannot begin the game without creating a faction (which they would be the leader and sole member of) and new factions cannot be made at any of point in the game.

As of October 2018, the player faction Old Earth Cybernetics controlled 51% of all claimed sectors.

Within the game, there are 8 NPC factions and 2 reserved player factions. The reserved factions being disowned for players that are kicked from their current faction and admin, which consists of game developers only. The disowned faction has restrictions including karma caps, general NPC dislike and barred access to the missions board. The admin faction gives members access to the banhammer port and the unique ability of unlimited light drive charge.

The NPC factions are controlled by separate neural networks leveraging machine learning, meaning that there is no human input related to their actions. Each neural network has distinct directives that help it's fleet of ships follow the characteristic best path. The separate factions can also be communicated with by sending direct messages, this system uses machine-learnt natural language generation (ML-NLG) powered by and DialogFlow as well as a custom API built by the TextSpaced developers. 

There are 3 main factions that players can cross from the start of the game, this being the Transitional Government, The Descendants and The Civilian Guild. There are also 5 other NPC factions that can be revealed or expanded upon by continuing the main story of TextSpaced.


A mysterious faction within unknown intentions, the ancients are referred to as such by player characters that meet them and seem to guard and stop anyone from exploring too far into the frontier. Their ships have unconfirmed reports of being biological and their abilities seem to border on God-like. 


Dark Oriam
From lore, the Oriam were a tribe that formed from children mysteriously going missing from the early days of New Earth's founding (the Descendant homeworld). They became a dualism religious tribe worshipping a God of light and God of dark but over the last century the tribe split becoming the Oriam and Dark Oriam, with each believing one of the Gods to be the true God.

Mechanical Beings

Little is known about the Mechanical Beings other than they appear at the same time each week (Friday at 11:30 UTC) and leave at the same time (Monday 00:00 UTC) always in an organic nebula. The fleet of ships that arrive each week seem ancient in origin and are in a dilapidated condition, with the main ship of the Mechanical Fleet massive in size featuring 127 docking bays. This lead ship is where players can dock and purchase exotic ancient weapons the Mechanical Beings sell. 

The Civilian Guild

Civilian Guild
The Civilian notation simply represents free-traders and freelancers not aligned with any specific faction. Civilians tread the line between other factions and follow their own path, some of them have even formed a Merchant Guild but still remain neutral and tend not interfere with other faction's affairs.

The Descendants

The Descendants
The Descendants claim to be directly descended from the people of Old Earth and thus formed New Earth as their homeworld. They believe in the old values of borders, states and local rule - different to TransGov who believe in one unified Galaxy under their safe watch; for these reasons, the two factions are opposed to one another. Dealing with The Descendants can be especially tricky as each clan within The Descendants has their own code, rules and behaviour. A unilateral constant, however, is they try to undermine and challenge TransGov at every opportunity. 

The Transitional Government

The Transitional Government

The Transitional Government was created on Amici to try and bring order to both the planet and the space that Amici claims. Most people not born of Amici do not recognise the authority of the 'TransGov' but their reach is both far and powerful. Arbitrators of the Transitional Government that patrol has the authority of Justices and Jury of the Supreme ruling, meaning they can arrest, try and convict criminals solemnly. It must be noted that Arbitrators follow the law to the letter and will not tolerate any illegal activity. 

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