Divisions are used to express a players skill range without expressing their overall level to other players, although this can be found if the player as elected to reveal their skills on the game leaderboard. Divisions are a quick way to understand the threat a players poses and are based on precious materials. Each time a player enters a new division they are given a credit reward which is issued when the leaderboard update.

The full list of divisions follow.

Division Name Required Level
Nickel 0
Lead 15
Aluminum 18
Copper 20
Brass 30
Iron 40
Bismuth 50
Mercury 80
Tellurium 100
Indium 120
Gallium 140
Silver 160
Beryllium 180
Germanium 200
Ruthenium 250
Rhenium 300
Osmium 350
Iridium 400
Palladium 450
Gold 500
Platinum 600
Rhodium 700
Jeremejevite 800
Fire Opal 900
Poudretteite 1000
Benitoite 1100
Musgravite 1200
Red Beryl 1300
Alexandrite 1400
Diamond 1500
Serendibite 1600
Grandiderite 1700
Taaffeite 1800
Red Diamond 2000

Please note, that if a player has decided to hide themselves from the start of the game, their level will be Nickel as they would had never been promoted.

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