• Felahn

    The following is a collection of broadcasts and events relating to the war between Dark Matter Trading, its allies and Old Earth Cybernetics and its allies.


    Due to repeated and unprovoked hostilities from multiple members of the faction Dark Matter Trading and all attempts at communication and diplomacy with the faction leadership being ignored, Old Earth Cybernetics has no alternative but to officially acknowledge the state of war between our two factions. Effective immediately, all ships belonging to the treacherous and cowardly faction Dark Matter Trading are to be shot on sight and no longer have access to any of the facilities maintained by Old Earth Cybernetics. We will no longer tolerate the needless aggr…

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  • Truperton

    Scouring of Paradise

    October 16, 2018 by Truperton

    These are the memoirs of a lengthy battle of I, Azrael and my faction against overwhelming odds over one of our lost sectors and colonies. I am writing it in the memory of the sector that used to be the trading heart of The Order.

    I remember those fateful 3 days of continuous sieges from the Descendants, they spared no resources to get to punish me and my faction as much as possible. It was a response after I personally challenged one of the Descendant Battleships, I won't lie there were many insults directed both ways. And after my actions aiding my faction's allies to defend their sector that was under siege by the Descendants, some mistakes from other faction members did not help the matter. Because of the increased tensions with the Des…

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