A new addition to the battlefield, the Battleship is an obscenely powerful ship created solely for the destruction of Capital ships. Specialising in broadside combat the Battleship has four ports, two on each of its sides, that can hold extremely powerful weapons for taking down large ships. It has shielding fives times greater than the Capital ship which can release a charged arc pulse in combat. With armour matching the Capital ship and the same hold configuration, the Battleship is the ultimate fleet companion.

Enhanced variant

The Enhanced Battleship gets the following upgrades compared to the base version of the ship:

  • Ports: 4 → 6
  • Shields: 5,000 → 10,000
  • Charge cycle, min: 60 → 30
  • Hold: 1,000 → 1,500

All values not listed are identical to the base version.

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